Meet Bear Walker

Bear Walker, Holistic Practitioner, has practiced for over 30 years. His specialization with the Bio-Tracker system allows him to scientifically assess 30 systems of the body with an additional 35,000 benchmarks possible. Such cutting-edge technology enables Bear to scientifically identify, measure and document imbalances and track overall progress. Sick of feeling sick and tired of being tired? Experience how Bear’s unique knowledge, wisdom and ability to connect on a personal level may help you!

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About BioTracker

The BioTracker systems facilitates communication between your body and the Practitioner, enabling frequencies to be measured, documented and assessed. This scientific, diagnostic method analyzes 30 systems of the body with an additional 35,000 benchmarks possible, offering substantial support toward your personalized path to well-being.

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Energize Yourself with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Technology!

PEMF offers you cellular therapy previously only available to astronauts! It helps to re-energize tired cells and has been used to help alleviate pain, promote immune support, kindle performance, inspire brain function and much more.

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